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What are Zirconium Crowns?

Zirconium Crowns consist of a pure white metal core (a permanent white metal) with porcelain fused to the outside, creating the look of a natural tooth. In some cases Crowns are created from 100% Zirconium without the need for Porcelain. Zirconium Crowns are incredibly tough, extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Why is zirconium used in dental therapy?

For more aesthetic purposes, in advanced colorations that cannot be achieved with methods such as bleaching, in the treatment of hereditary structure colorations, in the restoration of distally or slightly distorted, turned teeth, distorted old filled, excessive substance loss, such as diastema, in which the orthodontic treatment is not preferred, in the restoration of old-filled, excessive substance loss. It can be used as a bridge or a crown in the teeth, in front group prostheses and in organizing smile aesthetics.

What are the advantages of Zirconium Crowns?

The positive to this type of Crown is that you will never see a black line should your gums recede over time. This option consists of a white metal core with porcelain fused to the outside. Their durability and pleasing appearance make them suitable for use anywhere in the mouth.

How are zirconium crowns used in smile design?

When smiling, the level of gums and their symmetrical appearance are as important as the image of the teeth. At this point, it may be necessary to interfere to the gums, preferably with a laser. The harmony of factors such as lip level, height of the teeth, gum level, tooth color, tooth alignment, the harmony of the lips and teeth when we laugh and the laughter line is very important in conducting aesthetic smile analysis. Spectacular aesthetic results are obtained with zirconium crowns and smile design.

How much substance is lost in my teeth during the procedure?

Substance loss is not the same as metal aided porcelain crowns. A filing of 1-2 mm is made from your normal tooth surface. Filing operations are performed with local anesthesia and then a temporary tooth-colored tooth is made to prevent hot and cold pain. A few of patients experience a slight ache and generally the process is completed without any trouble.

How long will these processes take?

It is completed in 1 week and 3 appointments in total. Dentist can add some more appointments if it's necessary more than treble.

What are the durations and warranty coverage of these processes?

The patients use their zirconium crowns along 15-20 years if they keep using clear. At the end of this period, the zirconiums are not broken but they need to be changed because of anatomic and gingival recession When the crowns need to be changed, the damage to the underlying teeth is repaired if it's necessary and the crowns are renewed in accordance with the existing gingiva.
The warranty periods are 5 years.
In this process, clinics change the crowns free of charge in case of problems in crowns.
Be sure to comply with the terms of use stated at the beginning of the treatment.

Is it common for the zirconium crowns to break or fall off?

Fracture and cracking can be seen with reverse and excessive force, but this is almost the same as the possibility of breaking your own tooth. It can be largely repaired in a clinic. If the tooth under the crown starts to decay over time and there is a loss of substance, it may fall. In such cases, the tooth is treated, if possible, and the crown is re-adhered.